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Shadow Forge

Shadow Forge

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"Shadow Forge" is a symbol of the warrior's path to self-mastery, forged in the seclusion of solitude and sharpened in the unforgiving darkness of life's challenges, embodying the unwavering resilience of an individual who has put in the hard work and dedication to transform into a formidable and empowered version of themselves, leaving behind the weak and uncertain past in pursuit of becoming an unstoppable force in the present.


Material: Tungsten

Width: 8 mm

Care Instructions

TIEN pieces are made to be generational. So wear it as often as you'd like.

We simply suggest that you pat it dry if it gets exposed to any moisture, and to wipe it down regularly with our cloth to ensure longevity.

When not being worn, we suggest you keep it in your TIEN box!

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Impeccable Durability, Unmatched Elegance

Built to last & endure through it all.