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Obsidian Horizon

Obsidian Horizon

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The "Obsidian Horizon" is a powerful and symbolic piece of jewelry. Inspired by the epic sight in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, the rose gold line on the ring represents the horizon shining through the shroud of smoke, a symbol of endless possibilities and new beginnings. With its powerful symbolism and sleek design, the Obsidian Horizon is the perfect choice for any man who values strength, resilience, and style.


Material: Tungsten

Width: 8 mm

Care Instructions

TIEN pieces are made to be generational. So wear it as often as you'd like.

We simply suggest that you pat it dry if it gets exposed to any moisture, and to wipe it down regularly with our cloth to ensure longevity.

When not being worn, we suggest you keep it in your TIEN box!

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